3 Volunteer Opportunities for Your Homeschooler

Volunteer ideas are a great way to make sure that your students are getting a well rounded education and learning to be a good citizen. One of the biggest problems with public schooling is that it takes so much time that it is difficult to find time to teach your children the importance of volunteering and making a difference in the community. It is so important that we teach the next generation to be charitable so that we can reverse the moral decline in our nation. I’ve highlighted 3 great ways that you can encourage your students to get involved through volunteering.

1. Volunteer at a Food Bank

There is nothing quite as impactful for a child as seeing true need. I remember in high school, the first time that I saw true poverty on a mission trip down to Mexico. I did not realize how much I had, or how well off my family was (we were not rich, but compared to the families that we were serving in Mexico, we may as well have been millionaires). That is something that changed me, and it is a great way to change your students as well. Imagine how much less entitlement there would be if all children took the time to serve and get to know people who are actually in need.

There are food banks everywhere, so check with your local one to find volunteer opportunities. If you are in the Orange County area, here is a link to the one that we volunteer at – http://www.foodpantries.org/ci/ca-la_habra.

2. Help Out at an Assisted Living Place

Another great opportunity is to go to an assisted living place and offer to help. This could mean anything from playing a game of checkers or chess with a patient, to singing a song or playing an instrument for a group, or volunteering to help the staff with the actual care.  Of course they are limited in what they can allow a child to help with, but you would be amazed how rewarding it can be for a child to build a relationship with an elderly patient.

A good resource to find a volunteer opportunity would be here – http://bit.ly/1N5bRUz.

3. Operation Christmas Child

This is only available during the Christmas season, but it is a wonderful opportunity to help give gifts to children who would otherwise not receive any Christmas presents. My children love being able to pick out toys, clothes, etc. for a child that is similar age. This gave us a great opportunity to talk to them about children who may not have very much. They asked great questions, and I feel that it made them appreciate what they had and made them more generous overall.

You can read more info about Operation Christmas Child here – http://bit.ly/1UnXLjh